Paso a paso

Hmmm….where to begin?! I would have to say my first week in Spain has been quite adventurous, to say the least. Upon arriving in Madrid, Xicu and I, along with his mother, Pepi, began searching for an apartment, or piso, as the spanish call it. Unfortunately we only came across apartments that were fairly old and not quite what we were looking for. So the search is still on for an apartment that is suitable for Xicu, German, and I. But no pasa nada, (no worries), we will find a place soon!

Although I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to spanish, I feel like I’m making progress! Paso a paso (step by step). Being in total immersion forces progression. I’ve found that native people enjoy when foreigners attempt to speak their language. I undeniably fit the criteria for the “average looking” American with my blonde hair, blue eyes, accent, and red undertones, but everytime I speak I find people smile and enjoy helping me.

A significant reason for my improvement has been due to Xicu’s mom. She speaks no english so it’s been great for developing my vocabulary. Although she does most of the talking, and she REALLY likes to talk, I understand about 95% of what she says. She is a teacher and is able to break sentences down in a basic way so I am able to understand. It’s been wonderful to spend time with her!

Being in Spain has already opened my eyes. It’s been quite humbling. Sometimes I believe we forget how small we truly are when we are in our comfort zone.

After being in Madrid for a few days we flew to Ibiza (where Xicu is from) to spend time with friends and family before starting the school year. Relaxing beaches, fresh food, good company, and the breathtaking Mediterranean sea…What more could you ask for? We have four more days here before heading back to Madrid. As for now, I’m going to plancha mi oreja (an expression the spanish use) meaning I’m going to go iron my ear and take a nap. Hahaha quite clever!

In my next post I’ll update ya’ll on my adventures in Ibiza.


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