Known for it’s white houses, beautiful beaches, and nightlife, Ibiza is a very famous vacation spot for Europeans, particularly the Spanish and British. During the summer the island is usually jam packed full of young people partying all night (not till 3am, more like 7 or 8am). Despite the party scene of this island, there is an enchanting countryside, history and culture to witness. There is even a completely different language, called Catalan. Xicu’s friends told me: “First you learn Spanish, and then Catalan.” I think Spanish is already challenging enough! Despite the fact, I did pick up a few words. Molt boooo, bruts, and Poc a poc 

Most native people on the island live simple lives and produce a garden of fresh fruits and veggies. AND ALMONDS! My favorite!! 

ImageA freshly cracked almond from Xicu’s family garden. 

ImageHere are a couple pics of the beach before running and then later picking strawberries! 

ImageTraditional dancers from Mallorca. ImageParading the saints through the streets of San Antonio for the celebration of St.Bartomeu

Xicu’s family and I went to mass in San Antonio for the celebration. The church is centered downtown and is at least 500 years old. The church is very traditional, meaning…no air conditioning and no bathrooms. During mass, I turned to Xicu and said, “Why is there no air conditioning in here?!” He simply replied, “Because this isn’t the U.S.” Haha oooops. Apparently not every place in the world has air conditioning. 

ImagePuesta del sol (Sunset) at Calla Sallada 

ImageLunch date at Ca’s Milá with Paquito, his family and Esther. I can’t get over the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea!

ImageI saw some lovely flowers up against a white washed building and couldn’t help myself. A hippy band playing at the hippy market.ImageThis is ox (buey). The servers bring out these little grills along with a GINORMOUS platter of meat and you get to be the chef! Sabroso! 


Now it’s back to the grind in Madrid. Hasta luego! 






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  1. What amazing adventures you’re having. I visited Erica while she was in Spain for a summer. She studied at Salamanca. Very old university. We met up in Barcelona, then traveled Spain & backpacked a lot of Europe. So eye opening to so many beautiful places & people. Enjoy!

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