Vivir fuera

Well….I would have to say the adventure still continues in Madrid! I finally feel like I live in a different country and that I’m not just on vaca. Xicu has now started school so I have set my mind to learning, living, breathing and most importantly, attempting to speak Spanish. I would be lying if I said it has been easy, I’m definitely living outside of my comfort zone. But I am very determined and remain positive!! Each day is an adventure, whether it be good or bad I always learn something new.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.”-St. Augustine

You’ll have to excuse me because I’m feeling a little scatter brained, (must be all the Spanish, ha) but here are some things that I’ve learned and some happenings from the week:

-I learned how to navigate the bus! Whew-hew go me! This may seem like a very minor task, but try it in a different country. It might be a little more complicated when the bus driver doesn’t understand you. Haha…He said please speak a little slower. (Despacio, por favor)

IMG_0838A little Shandy to celebrate getting home safely and getting off at the right bus stop!

metromapMy next goal is to completely master this bad boy. The metro! Although it doesn’t seem too hard I’m sure I will get lost a time or two….

-I learned that when you have bed head or hair sticking up its called a quiqui. Haha how funny is that?!

-Here in Spain the word “vale” is used ALL THE TIME! Vale simply means okay, but sometimes they use it in a conversation more than once to emphasize that they understand. (Vale, Vale, Vale) This has become my go-to word…even if I don’t know what someone has said. People use it more than sí.

-I now know that when the front of the bus displays: “sin servicio” it does not mean that there is no bathroom on the bus. Ooops. It means that the bus is not currently running a route.

-I experienced my first bull run! I literally had to hold Xicu back from running with them. Go figure! Here’s a link to a video I recorded:

I’ll leave you guys with a little quote from an article my spanish teacher gave me. The article is titled “vivir fuera” (To live outside):

“Todo el mundo necesita verse desde fuera para saber quién es”

Here’s a link to the article if you want to attempt to read some spanish. I would have to say it’s a pretty great article.



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