Alicante for the weekend

This past weekend I took my first girls “trip” in Spain! I traveled to Alicante (on the coast of southern Spain) with some other girls that are also teaching English in Madrid. Beach time in October?! HECK YES! 🙂 Considering last time this year I was picking up and moving to Alaska. ——-Quite the contrast!

We ended up finding a cheap ride to Alicante for only 16€! Talk about a deal! We found the ride through a website called The website connects drivers with people traveling the same way and is used all over Europe. We really lucked out with our first driver, even though she was about 45 min. late haha. Spanish time! Just kidding there was actually an accident on a main Street and traffic on Fridays is crazy in Madrid. Laura (our driver) was young, spoke English (and Spanish of course) and was from Alicante so she told us about the best local beaches and top sites to see. We had a little intercambio during the road trip and learned a new phrase “El tiempo dirá” which means only time will tell. I love learning new Spanish phrases!

While in Alicante we stayed in X Hostel. On our first night we did a pub crawl with people from the hostel. We paid 10€ and went to 4-5 different bars with one free shot at each. For some reason someone decided it was a good idea to take tequila shots…I’m realizing more and more each day that I am no longer in college or 21! I was definitely feeling the tequila the following day.

The next day we woke up and attempted to get breakfast, which was a big disaster to say the least. Us Americans (and 1 Canadian) used to eating eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast…not jamon and bread. In the end, I settled for a cafe cortado, “my usual” and then we headed straight to the beach.

Beach time!


20131011-162208.jpgAfter the beach we headed to Castillo de Santa Bábara, a famous castle that overlooks the city. The view around sunset is spectacular! 

20131011-162232.jpgAlicante from above


Sunset from the Castle


beach view-alicante  View of the castle from down below 

two girls alicante

Saw these two cuties and just couldn’t resist taking a picture 🙂 

Alicante port viewThe port

Our final day in Alicante, we were bound and determined to find a cafe with a BIG breakfast menu.


I think we were pretty successful!


Look what we happened to see while eating breakfast! Haha how adorable?

Our last “must” on the agenda, before leaving Alicante, was to explore the neighborhood of Santa Cruz. It’s located on top of a hill near the castle. Besides the castle, it was actually my favorite part of the city. It has traditional old-fashioned white houses, flowers cascading down the buildings, and the distinct sensation that time has stopped. It’s one of those areas where you see the locals sitting on their porches and can’t help but say, “BUENOS DIAS!”

IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1032 IMG_1029 IMG_1028 IMG_1050 IMG_1056 IMG_1019



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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Was wondering how you were doing! Thanks!

  3. GAH! It looks like you had a wonderful time I WISH I WAS THERE!!! You definitely hit some of my most favorite places and I love it 🙂 so glad to see que estas disfrtuando! 🙂

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