Day trip to Segovia


Only an hour bus ride from Madrid, Segovia was the perfect location for a Sunday day trip. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out of Madrid for a day, away from the pollution, traffic, and people. Or maybe it’s because I grew up in a teeeeny little town in Kansas that I need some country-side every once in a while…Regardless, Segovia was amazing! Two other language assistants at my school also went along for the day. Segovia is a town that has history oozing from every stone. It’s a charming, quaint little town with some very interesting sites. 

Once arriving in Segovia we, of course, had to stop and grab a quick coffee before beginning the tour. The bilingual coordinator at my school is originally from Segovia so she gave us the low-down on the must sees of the town. 
After a little caffeine boost we headed to the aqueduct. (Straight up the street from the bus station) The aqueduct is the most famous sight from Segovia.
The Aqueduct of Segovia is massive. It’s a Roman aqueduct and is one of the most significant and best-preserved ancient monuments left on the Iberian Peninsula. This was my favorite part of Segovia. It’s made of 166 stone arches and apparently the Roman’s didn’t use any mortar to build the aqueduct, which absolutely blows my mind! The aqueduct remains standing today due to an innovative technique based on balancing forces. This is considered one of the Roman Empire’s most impressive works of engineering. 
From the aqueduct we headed down the narrow streets to the plaza mayor. Each city has it’s own plaza mayor, which is more or less the center of the city, with a statue or gazebo surrounded by restaurants or shops.  We stopped in a little pastry shop along the walk to try……this little guy (down below) 
It’s called a “Yema”, which in spanish means egg yolk. Mary had eaten it before, so Sinead and I decided we had to try it too. It’s apparently an egg yolk covered in sugar? I braved it but I have to admit it wasn’t the most appetizing thing Ive ever eaten. 
After having a little protein (the egg yolk) and sugar we walked by a little church and then the cathedral. It still amazes me every time I see a cathedral and to think about the history, it’s absolutely incredible. Sorry for the horrible shot! 
Then on to the Castle (Alcázar of Segovia). The castle is said to be one of the inspirations for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.
Picturesque huh? The castle is surrounded by a garden/park, with great overlooks of the town.  
After seeing the castle we were ready to eat lunch. Menu del dia, of course! 
Sinead and I at lunch.
With a full belly and some tinto de verano in us, we were ready to head to back home. Unfortunately….the bus was full so we had to wait a whole hour to catch the next bus…..So we opted for going to a little cafe to get some cola-cao. Cola-coa is really famous here, I guess it’s the spanish version of Nesquik. Mary was sad because she spilt her cola-coa! Haha. But after looking at the calorie content I think I’ll steer clear of it! Only for special occasions.  
So if you find yourself with some free time in Madrid, or visiting Spain, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Segovia. 🙂  

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