So as I mentioned before I had to do a separate post for Bruges, because I was so obsessed! After I booked my flight to Belgium I started searching pinterest (naturally) for pictures of Belgium. I immediately stumbled on pictures of Bruges. –you guys should do the same ha–

The little town is incredibly romantic! If anyone is looking for a European destination for a honeymoon I would suggest Bruges. My good friend, Elizabeth, had done her research so she was our little tour guide. First destination on the list was to find a little wagon underneath the bell tower selling French fries.

On the way to the bell tower I saw so many cute houses and buildings like these:



SUCCESS!! WE FOUND THE BELL TOWER! Located in one of the main squares, along with christmas markets!!


I didn’t get a picture of the fries but they were pretty awesome and I’m not a huge french fry person either. After the fries and a small cup of mulled wine, we headed to a nearby restaurant to grab lunch. Our first attempt at eating was unsuccessful, the kitchen happened to be closed from 2-6 . I guess the entire continent of Europe doesn’t eat lunch at 3 like Spain haha. Luckily we found another cute little restaurant next door.

IMG_0109My travel buddies to Bruges

At the restaurant we also met some older men and women visiting Bruges from Spain. I was able to do a little practicing with them. (YEEESS!) I find that if I go a whole weekend without speaking any spanish, it’s quite scary by the time I have my Monday spanish class . :/

Elizabeth then recommended taking the canal tour around the city. At first, we thought it might be a bit cheesy, but I think it was worth it. We learned about the history of the buildings/city and I believe it’s probably one of the best ways to see the Bruges in a short amount of time.




Last stop was The Chocolate Line, a chocolate shop with every single type of chocolate imaginable!


I’m already missing the chocolate!


Nos encanta Brujas!


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