Va, Va, Va

I wrote this back in February and I’m just now getting around to posting it. Sorry for the huge delay!!

Many of you may think, wow does Samantha ever work? She’s always traveling! And while it is true that I travel a lot, I guess it seems normal to me now. I have many other friends in the same program as me, that also travel quite frequently. Actually there are some that travel mucho mas que yo. (much more than me)

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to travel to interesting and different places. Although I feel that I have been getting into the motion of things lately, waking up, getting on the metro, dreading the trek to school, and just living for the weekends. My weeks are pretty busy and I’m now working more hours at my school. Long story…..Anyways the last things I ever wanted/want to do are just go through the motions of the day. Sadly I feel that’s what I’ve come to.

I rush out of the house in the mornings and then after school rush to my private english classes. I tutor a little boy, who always speaks to me in spanish, (to his defense his doesn’t go to a bilingual school so his level of English isn’t very high) on Mondays, then have time to rush to the gym, and then head to spanish class. My Tuesdays are pretty jammed packed as well. I once again leave my house early go to work and then have two private english classes. One with a little girl in 4th grade that goes to my school. Luckily for me her English is pretty good! Then I walk to my other private english class with a brother and sister. I absolutely adore both of them and they have a high level of English as well.

Back to going through the motions-I was starting to dread walking to the metro everyday, complaining about the 2 hour lunch break at school, and just being a negative Nancy! I thought, how could I be more positive and stop this negative thinking? That’s when I realized I hadn’t been focusing on my spiritual life, AT ALL! While living in AK I went to a weekly women’s bible study, and it was so uplifting and exactly what I needed. I felt so in touch with Him. It was wonderful to be surrounded by other spiritual women. Some of members of the group grew up going to church and others were totally new to faith. We always had fun and the discussions made me stronger in my faith week by week.

After realizing I was missing this key component in my life, I knew I had to devote more time to Him. I started by diving back into my devotional. Instead of sleeping on the metro ride to work, I started making that time my quiet time with God. It’s crazy how fast my mindset did a complete 180. I started thinking how lucky I was to be healthy and happy. I was ABLE to walk, I was ABLE to work, I was ABLE to do the things I want. There was no reason for my negative attitude. I now feel much better and much more in touch with life!

The main reason for this post was because I’m sure many people can relate to me. There are times in our lives when we get busy and forget about the most important things. But He never leaves us. He is always there.
— “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9


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