#NoFilter Madrid

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by the #NoFilter photography project. The project, put on by the London City Airport, teams up with travel bloggers to showcase unedited photographs of cities in Europe. The main focus of the #NoFilter project is to get back to the origin of photography by not using Instagram, Photoshop, or any other editing program. The project wants to highlight the fact that photos don’t need to be edited in order to show how enchanting a city is. Jade Conroy, editor of MSN Travel, will be selecting which photograph shows Madrid off in it’s true “unfiltered” fashion. MSN will also feature a gallery of the images in their travel section.

So I thought why not give the project a go?

When people ask me about Madrid I immediately say, “I love it!“ And I truly do. Madrid has so many distinct and interesting barrios (neighborhoods) with their own distinct little flares and styles. There’s always something going on and countless things to do. Whether it’s a concert, un partido (football match), enjoying tapas, laying in Retiro, rollerblading near the river, checking out El Rastro, or drinking wine on an outdoor patio. I swear the Spanish have this thing called life down to a T, in my opinion!

One of my favorite places in Madrid is right in my neighborhood. I live next to the Manzanares river and the Atlético Stadium. There is a path for runners, bikers, walkers, and rollerbladers. I’m a very active person, so I greatly enjoy living where I do.

la fotoArganzuela Bridge in Madrid Rio Park 

la fotoMadrid City Hall 

Tips for taking unedited photos:

1. Take advantage of natural sunlight

2. Experiment with your camera and get to know how to use your device

3. Never get too comfortable. Continue to explore and keep that “tourist eye” to find new subjects

4. Realize that photos aren’t going to be perfect. Sometimes it’s the imperfection of a photo that makes it impressive and unique.



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