Recap City

Yes I’m still alive, yes I’m still blogging-barely….I looked at my blogging history today and realized that I didn’t blog at all from February to June! Que mala!! :/

To my defense March was somewhat of a blah month and April was quite the contrary. In April I jetted off to Italy, France, and Ibiza. One of my good friends from college along with her husband also came to visit me. While they were here we road tripped to Granada and Valencia. Oh and I also turned 25 eeek! I celebrated my b-day by going to Paris and seeing JT in concert! Def. worth the hype in my opinion, and I’m not even a die hard fan.

I plan to blog about all my trips, I promise! With June came the completion of my job and a trip back to KS! Being home was THE BEST!! Initially, I was really sad to return to Madrid but those feelings have slowly disappeared. I was in Madrid for two weeks working as a nanny that I previously gave private english classes to and now I’m currently in Ibiza.

So there you have it! The quickest up-date ever! Check back soon for more updates!!



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